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This is my first blog on my site.  I have been working on my own for a while trying to develop this page and this idea.  Here goes. While working in a bar in South Carolina one day, I realized that there was a need to try to get people to try all of the new beers that were being allocated to the state.  SC had just lifted their limit on alcohol percentage from 5.6% to 17%, so it allowed a lot of new companies to sell their beers in SC.  Many people had never heard of or tried any of the new options that they were being presented with.  I was doing the ordering for the bar and really wanted to push what I thought and knew was good, and eliminate carrying some of the major labels that people are so familiar with.  By doing so I was forcing people to try new things, or educating them.  This was kind of easy and kind of tough.  Different strokes for different folks.  Anyway… I wanted to offer flights of beer, kind of like wine flights, for the draft selections that the bar offered.  I thought that somewhere out there someone would have a mechanism that would make it convenient for bar tenders and waiters to deliver small sample size glasses to customers.  But there wasn’t.  No where on line?  I couldn’t believe it.  So I bought with hopes that there would be other people interested in this idea.  I did a schematic of what I wanted and had someone in Vermont mill some wooden paddles with routes that glasses could set in.  I got them for the bar, and people loved them.  With a constantly rotating draft selection people could come in and try different beers all of the time.  So it worked.  Not only did it work, it opened up peoples eyes to the craft beer industry.  “Joe Six Pack” turned into “Joe Growler”.  Awesome transitions.  Since it worked, I ordered a bunch more of the paddles, got a few different types of glasses, and I’m now able to offer them to anyone who wants them though the sites products page.  I’ve worked hard at getting my cost down so I can pass it on.  I post links to all of the places that do order them so that people know where they can go to sample good beers when they go to different towns.  I also want to encourage anyone to share their input on the sites blog spot about anything related to beer, bars, breweries, beer stores, etc… Thanks for checking out my page and I hope we can hang out and try some beers sometime!

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