Advintage Distributing To Use Line Cleaning Business

After a few talks with Henri Gabriel at Advintage Distributing, he has decided to use my line cleaning service offered by South Eastern Tap Technicians for many of the tap placements his company has in Charleston, SC.  In SC, it is the responsibility of the distributor to maintain the beer taps that they have in restaurants and bars.  Most of the time, this service is somewhat overlooked because the responsibility is placed on delivery drivers, sales people, or other company employees that already have responsibilities other than beer line maintenance. In many states the service is the responsibility of the restaurant or bar owners.  Therefor, Advintage is going far beyond the expectations of there held accounts by out sourcing a company specifically dedicated to performing this service.  They are dedicated to maintaining the highest level of quality and integrity of their beer.  It is a commendable thing to do. website analysis seo .  If any brewery is considering allocation of their beer to  the state of SC, Advintage has, by far, the best portfolio in the state and highest standards for maintaining the quality of the products that they handle.  I am pleased to have the opportunity to work with them.

Advintage Distributing, Charleston, SC


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